• Cloud-based reservation bookManage your seats availability in real time.

    Cloud-based reservation book<span>Manage your seats availability in real time.</span>
  • Use the Libro dashboard on any web browserAccess Libro with your smartphone.

    Use the Libro dashboard on any web browser<span>Access Libro with your smartphone.</span>

Take online reservations 24/7

The Libro online reservation system lets diners make reservations from your website, your Facebook page as well as from our well established affiliates network.

Connecting Restaurants & Diners

We’ll help grow your business through our network; we are a large online restaurant marketplace, powering over 12,000 restaurants and driving over 10 millions visits each year.

Reports and statistics

Use Libro’s reports to optimise your service and your reservations management. Whether it is your traffic, the waiting time or your most popular schedule, Libro gives you indicators to point out your strengths and help you improve your service.

Your clients treated like royalty!

Your clients’ informations are permanently stored in a database to which you have access. This way, you can easily learn about their habits, the frequency of their visits, their favorite table and inform them of any changes in your establishment.


Use the Libro Dashboard on any web platform: from your phone to your tablet or portable computer. Libro also has a well established partner network including tonresto.ca, Restomontreal.ca, RestoQuebec.ca, ottawarestos.ca and Quoifaireaquebec.com.

Solution tailored to your needsEnjoy the benefits today.

  • Benefit from the traffic of our network
  • Real time reservations
  • Client database
  • Reports and statistics
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Table management system
  • Space optimisation
  • Waiting list management
  • Available on all devices
  • Try it for free!
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